Friday, April 13, 2007

Don't apologize... PLEASE!

We all like to teach our children the nicities of society and this includes saying you are sorry. You know, 'I'm sorry I broke your toy when I threw it in anger 'cause you wouldn't share it with me.' and the 'I'm sorry I called you a name when you spat in my soda pop cause the name I called you was worse than you spitting in my pop...' and the just plain "I'm sorry I bumped into you and made you spill your coffee!" apologies.

But teach an almost 2 year old to say "I'm sorry' and you create a monster because suddenly she can get away with anything, and I mean anything, when she looks at you with her big round brown eyes peeking out from under her mounds of red curls and lisps "I'm Torry Mummy!" and then smiles her adorable smile.

Throw flour all over the table and dining room floor because the addle brained cook (read mother) left it there while baking a shower cake... just smile and lisp "I'm Torry!" Add in a throwing of arms around mummy's neck and she's done for.

Find the water fountain in the church hall, stretch out on your tippy toes and create a water fall with your hand out stretched and when you see mummy bearing down on you. No problem, just flirt that elfish grin and lisp sincerely... "I'm torry Mummy."

Pour your big sisters tiny blue beads all over her bed and then lisp... "I'm Torry" when mummy catches you rubbing them all over the sheets. Done!

Yup, teach a baby to say 'I'm sorry' and you will live to rue the day you did. Read more!