Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Thank You Hugo

I want to publicly thank Hugo for being such a wonderful husband.

Sometimes love is shown in little ways that we can take for granted. He did not sleep well either last night while we coped with two sick children, watching Pink Panther on Youtube at 2 in the morning as we waited for a the tiny drop of Motrin I squeezed between reluctant lips to kick in. This was followed by waking up at 3 am by a still feverish child who was murmuring, crying and tossing turning until she finally fell back asleep leaning on me with both baby and I still sitting up. Five year old Emma clambered in at I don't know what time, adding her inferno temp to the warmth of our crowded bed. Now we each had our own live heating pad crowded up against us.

Yet he rolled out of bed first thing this morning and started in on the dirty dishes everyone was either too sick, or too tired to cope with last night. With his hands in hot soapy water he informed me that my toast was in the toaster and while I sat bleary eyed at my desk rescheduling a dentist appointment that took a month to get - he dashed out to get apple sauce for those whose throats are too sore for toast.

So thank you Hugo for being the best Husband EVER! I love you, and when you do these things for me - I know you love me! Thank you!!! Read more!