Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Christmas Adam...

...which means we are the day before Christmas Eve. Where did Advent go? Is Christmas really just around the corner or to borrow an expression from the Muppet Christmas Carol - just two more sleeps till Christmas!?

Now that we are so close to Christmas, as impatient as I am to have this baby, I also now want to get through Christmas before she arrives! Ack!

Last night the children and I put together two ginger bread houses and decorated them. One is a gift and one is for us. I will try to get some pictures but first I need to locate my rechargeable batteries while also praying they are actually charged!

As ready as I thought I was - here we are only a few days... and I still have some important tasks to complete! Lots of baking still to do and clothes to double check for Mass. Benjamin and Noah are serving and Anna and Gabriela are bringing up the gifts. Emma is going to be GREEN with envy as she is dying for a chance to do that!

Well... I will let you all know what happens with this possible Christmas baby - she has lots of dates to arrive on so as to spoil plans of some sort, and after all, isn't that what babies LOVE to do? Arrive at the worst possible moment. Say on the 26th when we have three priests expected for dinner? I'll let you know - so stay tuned!

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