Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hungry Daddy

Anyone who has had a tooth pulled, or suffered the agonies of the extraction of wisdom teeth knows the challenge of finding food soft enough to eat and still be filling. Make it eight teeth removed surgically and it becomes an even larger challenge.

These days the children often hear their dad suggest a menu idea only to remember he can't partake of that particular item. So when I catch them wistfully glancing at a chocolate pudding cup or a tub of yogurt, I need only say, 'it's Daddy's' and they immediately turn away without a word or a sigh.

Now Hugo has discovered that he can actually get a piece of soft cheese pizza down if he is careful enough. So tonight Emma, noting that I had reminded the children several times to make sure that a soft piece of the cheese pizza be saved for Daddy decided to make sure herself that one was put aside. She took a piece of the pizza, found a bowl, squeezed the piece of pizza into it and then stood guard over it. Whilst standing guard over the pizza, she also manned the front door with a watchful eye for Daddy's return from work.

The moment she spied him, she grabbed the bowl and raced to and out the front door clutching the bowl to her chest calling:

"Daddy, Daddy, I saved you a piece of the pizza! HERE!!"

Truly there is nothing so sweet as the love of a little princess for her Daddy! Read more!