Thursday, April 23, 2009

First Confession

We have titled this photo of Cecilia with her God Father as "First Confession" as she looks as if she is whispering in his ear and he is listening intently.



Casey said...

Her God Father is a priest? WOW that's impressive. That is an adorable picture, she's growing so fast!!!
Maybe her confession is something along the lines of "bless me Father for I have sinned? this is my first confession and I am guilty of torturing my Mom. I wait until just after she's changed me and I'm all clean and dry to make massive poops, they go up my back messing my pretty clothes causing her to have to not only change the diaper but give me a nice warm bath and change my clothes. I do this because, well I can't control it sometimes, and those baths are really nice." HAHAHA

dorry said...

This is so adorable!!
So neat!!
Early Bubble Baths already to "R&R" after a big old poop?! at this tender age? HAHA
So funny what Casey wrote above!

memoriadei said...

Just found you...err you kinda found me on Twitter and so glad! What a beautiful picture and it very much fits the caption! God bless you all :-D