Tuesday, January 04, 2011

I'm moving...

...to a new blog. And here is one of my most recent posts on it. WHY am I moving you might well ask? Well, I wanted a forum where I have more options while designing my blog. And wordpress seems to offer me that and eventually I can host a website through them on a server of my choice (Have I explained that correctly - I think the person for me to ask is Beyond Pearls because that is what she has done!)

I have been toying with the idea of new blog since I knew I was expecting number thirteen (number 20 if we count the babies who bypassed earth and went straight through Mary's loving embrace to Jesus!) After all - if I did not loose that precious baby as well... mum2twelve would no longer fit as my blogger identity. But I had been mum2twelve for so long it was hard to leave that identity.

Once I was ready I decided to do more than just rename my blog. So without further adieu - I introduce my new blog:

(Note it is still under construction but all of my posting will now take place there and you can easily subscribe to it through a subscription link on the right at the top! Hope to see you over there...)

update as of January 4th of 2011: still blogging over at wordpress but seriously considering meshing the two together somehow... not sure how though. Interestingly the Jesse Tree post (below) - posted itself and is undeletable - if that is a word??? SO I am reposting this post as I think many are using it to find their way to my newer blog.

See ya over there.... :-)


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