Monday, March 02, 2009

Today he comes!

Yes! Today the repairman comes to ... repair my dishwasher. Oh I hope it is something that can be repaired easily AND today! My beloved washer is but 6 months old. Surely we have not worn it out already? We are only running it twice a day! Maybe we should have gone with Maytag so that the repairman could stay... as bored as this guy looks!



dorry said...

Is he still able to come even with the crazy "snow in NC in March" weather we're having down here?

I hope so...the schools are closed this way in NC and it is STILL coming down!
Not like up north but crazier than up north! As those from up north can it seems,only relate to if they live down here.

mum2twelve said...

NO - he is NOT! But tomorrow holds promise. Look for pics to come and I would post a video if I could make the video link work! SO far I have not had much luck even though I follow all of the steps. Help anyone?

dorry said...

Hope this guy gets to come do some fixing today! now that the snow is mostly gone, and we are left with COLD!