Friday, October 30, 2009

Calling All Catholics...

October 30, 2009

Here is the body of an email I received today from Catholic Voice. Please read, pray and then act as your conscience dictates. We left a country that offered socialized medicine and even with all our struggles here during those long years of no insurance and little income - we only ONCE considered moving back. That was the day my OBGYN said that he would only deliver Elsa via a C-section. I spent about 30 minutes looking at the availability of doctors in the areas we could conceivably find some kind of work in and quickly saw that the odds of finding a Dr taking in a new patients was less than nil. My brother and sister and law had to beg her old family Dr to take them as patients when they moved back to New Brunswick from Alberta. They are lucky there are doctors in their town. The small town my parents are closest to - has NO doctors and they have to drive an hour to the closest city to see a doctor. That is what you can anticipate in your future if this health reform passes...

In addition to that - read our Bishops concerns about this bill:

Dear Catholic Voice North Carolina Participant:

The Catholic Bishops of the United States have issued an urgent Call to Action regarding the health care reform debate that is currently underway in the United States Congress.

The Bishops have concluded that the three bills under consideration are seriously flawed in the following areas:
1) mandating the use of federal funds to pay for abortions (which is contrary to our current federal law),
2) forcing health care workers and Catholic medical institutions to perform medical procedures in violation of their religious conscience and
3)(fails in) providing adequate access to health care for the poor and immigrants.
We invite you to visit the Bishops website that is dedicated to this issue and to contact your elected representatives as soon as possible. You can do so by going to the Bishops website or by visiting your respective diocesan website.

Thank you
Catholic Voice North Carolina
Please do inform yourself about this controversial bill and act accordingly. You owe it to yourself, your children and especially your grandchildren who will suffer the most from the consequences of this bill.


http:/ said...

Just so I'm clear: what you're saying here is that there were no doctors in the part of Australia where you lived because Australia has "socialized medicine" and if such a thing were to come about here, Americans would have no access to doctors either? Or are you just reminding us that there are parts of Australia where the polulation of people, and therefore also of doctors, is quite low, AND you oppose the current health care reform? A good friend of mine, an American citizen with Australian citizenship as well, is about to return to Australia because she can't get health coverage here at all. Is this an argument against the "privatized" medicine we have here, or one story among millions?

mum2twelve said...

No - I am originally from Canada. There used to be doctors where my parents live and now there aren't. Doctors salaries have been capped. As a result they are closing their doors to new patients because after they have seen X number of patients - the Dr is seeing patients for free. This means that even in the larger populations you are having a difficult time to find Doctors. I was actually looking at Halifax city, in Nova Scotia, when I thought about returning to Canada. The proportion of doctors (accepting new patients) to the population was very low.
My father and Step mum have to go to another province to see her specialist... And when I say that in their town there are no doctors - I mean that there are ZERO doctors. Not that the doctors in that town have closed their doors. It is a well populated area but rather impoverished and I guess the Province can't afford to have Drs in the small towns any more.

The system is falling apart - there are better solutions to health reform than handing it over to the government.
A few years ago - some large companies (Sams Club and Price Club)wanted to be allowed to offer their members the ability to buy Health Insurance in bulk like the large companies such IBM can do for their employees and the US government would not allow it. Why not? Hundreds of thousands of people would have had the opportunity to buy good health Insurance plans are very affordable prices...