Tuesday, October 13, 2009

In the wee hours of the morn

As seems to be the custom these days or should I say nights, Elsa woke around 2 or so in the morning to use the toilet in our room and simply climbed back into our bed instead of making the long trek back to her room... Before it was light out she awoke in our bed and left my room for a short time. Before long she was back crawling under my sheets grumbling to herself.

"Don't know why she can't wake up to help me look. Don't know why she's so mad at me. Hmph!" She pulled the sheets up to her neck and grumbled a bit more to herself, prompting me to ask.

"Who did you ask to help you look for something?"


I could well understand why Emma dd not want to wake up to look for something before it was even light out. But my curiosity was peaked. What was Elsa looking for at that ungodly hour! Maybe her brown shoes... which we had found on Sunday but perhaps had missed being placed back on the shoe shelf after Mass?

"So, what were you wanting Emma to help you find, Elsa?"



"Do I hafta tell you?"

Hmmm - now I was really curious.

"Were you looking for your shoes?"

"I don't want to say!"

"Did you lose something that not yours?"

"Mummmy.... I don't want to tell you!"

A huge yawn interrupted my response and I decided to let it go, it was not long till the sun would rise so I just rolled over and we were both asleep before long.

In the morning I found ONE brown shoe in the hallway so I think they were probably the culprit keeping her awake in the wee hours of the morn. I'll show her the two of them that made their appearance as I cleaned her room this morning and see if she will then fess up as to what was worrying her!



Casey said...

My Jacob's nightly wanderings usually involve food. He'll get up at 2am and just "hafda" tell me what he'd like for breakfast, although it's always the same request. He'll also put in his request for what he'd like for lunch. To be a child and have that be the most pressing thing in your life keeping you awake would be much nicer than worrying about bills I suspect.

dorry said...

How cute and most adorable!!
Thanks a million for sharing ;-)