Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ha - I've still got it!

Despite years of being a stay at home mum, with its mandatory uniform of Birkenstocks & maternity clothes, alternated occasionally with a pair jeans and a t-shirt, it seems that I still have some fashion sense left.

So I felt a little intimidated when Scribbit asked for my opinion on fashion wear. In particular she was looking for suggestions as to whether to wear stilettos or pumps and should she go with gold shoes or red?

I carefully studied the dress that is being provided for her to wear to the 2008 Glamour Reel Moments in California. I knew this was a dress I would never wear unless someone paid me a million bucks to sport it off (okay, maybe for a few thousand - I would wear it) because while Scribbit is hoping to stand out in the Hollywood crowd that will be there - all I could hope to accomplish in this dress would be to look like a tarnished metal version of the blimp. Now, maybe I could pull it off in black - but not in gold.

Still, this was not the question facing her loyal readers; whether or not we could carry off the dress, but what would make the best fashion statement - stilettos or pumps? And what colour to choose so as to best set off the dress. Scribbit shared that at 6 foot, she is already towering over the average woman her age. And as she is rather willowy - she will fit in very well with the Hollywood crowd to found at this function. Still, did she want to be towering at 6 foot 4?

Again I fell to reflecting on my own situation which is that I could easily handle the extra 4 inches given that I came in third in my high school graduation class as the third shortest student. In fact even with the extra four inches, it was still not likely that I would yet tower over many of the participants there; but I would surely still draw attention in my stilettos as I careened about the lobby, stumbling about as though I had over imbibed during martini hour. No, stilettos are not for me.

Yet, even assuming that Scribbit has the grace of a gazelle while attired in such footwear, I still did not think floating serenely over the crowd by a few inches was really the statement of fashion that she was looking for. But neither did pumps seem the right answer for this very sophisticated gold dress. Hmmm? What opinion was I to offer?

As I neared the end of the post, I began to assume that we were to be encouraged to leave a comment and instead was pleasantly surprised to find a poll to answer. Better yet, we could tick off as many boxes as we felt applied.

I quickly perused the choices and immediately followed my gut feelings. I choose burgundy medium heels with open toes to show off one's pedicure as the ideal solution to finish off the polished look this dress offered and which I knew Scribbit could easily carry off.

Then I discovered the option to view the poll results and clicked. I nervously reviewed the results and was tickled to discover that I, apparently, still have a fashion sense as ALL Of my choices were in the lead. Ha - I cooed to myself, despite my GoodWill fashion cupboard, I still have it. I can still pick out a winning out fit.

Now I just need to find a few sponsors willing to finance a new fashion look for mum2twelve so that I can prove this to my readers. Any takers?


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Scribbit said...

Oh you're funny! "willowy"!

I was surprised to see so many people agreeing with what my gut was saying too--though the comments seemed to suggest that high heels were favored the poll showed more favoring mid heels.

I'm such a chicken about these things I have to have some direction!