Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Gracie's surgery was unexpectedly bumped up to this morning and she went into the OR at about 7:40 am.

Here is the most recent update:

Dear praying friends,

The asst to the Dr. just came out and told us that Gracie is off the heart lung bypass machine. Though this is what we were praying for she did say that we are by no means out of the woods yet. Currently they are trying to get her bleeding to stop before closing her chest. Also her oxygen saturations in her body and also in her brain are low and they are trying to get them up to an acceptable stable place. Please pray very heart about the next few hours and the next few day's. Dr. Jaggers will be out to talk to us in about 45 minutes. The nurse made it clear that Gracie is still fighting for her life and has put up a great fight already today. She described it as a plane trying to stay in the air while clipping the treetops. PRAY PRAY PRAY . Will update with new information as soon as possible. Grandpa Jim for Todd and Amanda.

Adding my prayers and begging for yours!


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