Thursday, September 25, 2008

Drum Roll Please!

As my readers know - I have struggling to build up a bit of a portfolio of published material and I have been slowly gaining in this goal. And as every serious writer knows - the competition is heavy. But what to do when you encounter competition in your own home?!

Why you celebrate, of course! And show off your 15 year old daughter's published article to everyone you can find. Move over those of you with wallets full of children and grand children - I have an article to show you! And what an article it is. (Can you tell yet - how proud I am?)

So where can you get a copy of this article? Well, you can get a printed copy from Women for Faith and Family or you can go online and read it there.

(The front cover is the Franciscan Friary of St Thomas a Beckett founded in 1252 by David Og Barry in Buttevant, Co Cork, Ireland -- Ruins of a Country Church - Buttevant, Ireland, by Helen Hull Hitchcock)

I have been flipping through the pages of this magazine and they have many interesting articles to read. Articles such as Is Palliative Sedation Another Form of Euthanasia? and Political Responsibility Shapes the Culture. Both seem like such relevant readings in the current culture of death and wavering of the political wind towards Marxism and all the evil entailed with it!

On a different note - yet still relevant to today's challenges, (especially those facing women) is What Mulieris Dignitatem Revealed to Us.

To see more of the varied content of this interesting magazine - click here to view the table of contents. And, if you like what you see consider supporting this magazine/group as Women for Faith & Family operates solely on donations. For information on how to support this wonderful magazine - click here.

This organization is regularly looking for contestants between the ages of 12 - 18 to submit entries to their ongoing writing contest. To learn more - click here.

And make sure you do not miss the highlight (for me anyway) of the current issue of Voice! The Four Marks of the Church.


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