Friday, September 05, 2008

From a blog about ...

... motherhood - a post all about Sarah Palin - in the words of a mum who works from home. Home being Alaska. Here is what Scibbit thinks of the GOP vice president candidate. I will be adding Scribbit shortly to my links. It is a blog I have been reading reguarly for a few months and enjoy quite a bit.

I am slowly working at increasing my link suggestions. Before adding a blog (or website), I try to read the blog as reguarly as I have time to do so. I do this as I would not like to add a link too quickly, only to later learn that there was subtle anti catholic vein I had not discovered, or something as disagreable as that. This does not mean that all of my links are pro catholic but simply as best as I can tell - not anti catholic.

I also want to take care that if the blog has ads - they re not the kind of ads that practicing Christains would find offensive. My goal is to try to add links to blogs or websites that offer positive uplifting reading and do not offend in some way.

School starts next week, we would have started this week had we not had an essential workbook or two back ordered. I have not been this happpy about starting a new school year as I have this one. We currently have a revolving chore list that is working so well that despite spending the last two days in bed with a terrible back ache - the house was still relatively in order when I was able to resume a normal life again today. Not sure what a week off my feet might result in, but it was good to see positive results after losing two days.

Another reason I am so happy with the upcoming year is that after so many weeks of research, prayer and thought - I think I finally have a curriculum that is going to really work well for us. And I have my fingers crossed that this is going to open up a slot of time that I can use reguarly for writing and researching for different writing projects I have simmering on the back burners of my mind. Projects I can not bring myself to attempt as I feel too much guilt over the time they will take.

Now I am on the eve of learning if the choices and changes I have made over the past two months will have the expected dividends I am hoping for.


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Scribbit said...

Thank you so much for the mention! Nice to meet you!