Thursday, September 18, 2008

I, too, love Montessori!

...and here is one mum that has it down pat. I wonder how long it has taken her to collect these wonderful Montessori activities. Many Montessori activities can be reproduced cheaply - others not. Curious - Click here and here. And if seeing this mums large brood happily working with their "practical life" activities and want to know more about the history of Montessori or where to go to learn more - click here.

I was first introduced to Montessori when a neighbour dropped by one day after I had a brilliant light bulb moment and cut up some rugs into small squares for each child to claim as their own play area. Little did I know I was actually mimicking one of the tenets of Montessori. I was simply trying to cut down on squalling by developing a visible boundary so that the children could enjoy using a particular toy with out the impingement of their neighbour, who perhaps thought they should build their activity right on top of their sister's.

My neighbour, seeing the children quietly playing on their own rugs, exclaimed "Oh! I see you are familiar with Montessori". I was not, but I was about to be! Not long after I discovered a Montessori school, and the rest as they say - was history!


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Amanda said...

you know, I stole my montessori class picture and it's caused great merriment here in Ireland...the hippy turtleneck-and-corduroy uniform, the feathered hair, the boy I got in trouble for spitting on. I have many many happy memories of those years, even with the rough spots. I am still considering montessori teacher as a career, and would certainly send my own hypothetical kids to one.