Monday, October 16, 2006

Calling for Volunteers

I am preparing a questionnaire for University Students and another for high school students. The information used in this questionnaire will be used to help develop a pilot video program that will be aimed at Catholic/Christian teens.

The program will be dealing with areas of interest ranging from topics such as chastity to the difficulty of living one’s faith while still having to live in the world whether home schooled or in a secular schooling situation.

It will not be a very long questionnaire, and will require mostly yes and no answers that need only be circled. There will be a few questions that will require answers of a few sentences or more depending on how much the participate wants to say.

I am looking for volunteers ranging in age from 13 - 21 to answer these questionnaires.

If you know someone who would be interested and willing to commit to answering such a questionnaire please email me, or have them email me at

mycatholicfaith (symbol for at)

And depending on the person's preference a questionnaire can be emailed, or mailed to the individual. If mailed, a self addressed envelope will be enclosed for the completed questionnaire to be returned in.

The answers will be private and no names will be used in the pilot and/or scripts developed from the information gathered. Addresses used for mailing questionnaires will not be kept on file or used in any way other than for mailing the questionnaire.


wifeforlife said...

Hi mum2twelve,

I know someone who would possibly be interested in your survey, but when I type in nothing happens! Is this the correct address? We would love to help you out!


ps. how's the "exercise programme" going? I had a lapse over the last two weeks in regards to eating choices, but I'm still trying to keep up the physical activity. I started back at aquacize last night! yay!!

Lindsay said...

I would be happy & more than willing to help you out. I am 19 years old. I'm a sophomore at Boston University. I was a catechumen in an RCIA programme run by my school's super awesome Catholic Centre. I was baptised, confirmed & had my first eucharist at Easter Vigil and have been very involved in the faith and at the Catholic Centre. I've been a small group leader on our retreats and I've recently been asked by the campus ministers if I'd be willing to be a sponsor or a godparent for someone in the programme this year (to which I say heck yeah!).

mum2twelve said...

mycatholicfaith (at) is an email address so you should be able to send an email to that address from whatever you use as an email server.

Good luck and I will be watching for an email from you and Lindsay!

WELCOME to the faith Lindsay!