Friday, May 08, 2009

Father Corapi

How sad in the month of Mary - a famous Catholic college is blatantly ignoring the dictum of our Bishops to Catholic colleges to not honour pro death/anti life speakers by inviting them to speak on their campuses. We all know that I am speaking of Notre Dame and not only its invitation to Obama to speak, but to also confer upon him an honorary degree. It is an open slap in the face to our church and her prolife stance.

Father Corapi addresses this in the video below.

Please share this video and message. It can also be viewed here. I would also suggest that students attending this college or planning to attend to seriously reconsider this decision through prayer. Sadly the most effective way today to send a message - is with your dollars. If you really believe that this college is dishonoring GOD and His church through ignoring a clear directive from SEVENTY Bishops to not follow through in its invitation to Obama - you must decide whether you will support this college with your college funds and attendance. Go to Jesus and ask Him what would HE do?


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