Friday, May 08, 2009


Whew - Such a relief! We got all three puppies adopted and I am pretty sure they all went to good homes! For some reason I could not log into my Craig's List account so as to delete the ad - so I wrote another Ad with DUKE ADOPTED in the title so that hopefully people seeing both ads would not email me to see if he was still available. So this morning I open my email and low and behold what do I have but an email from a lady with a 6 month old beagle/Russell terrier mix. Her older dog apparently is not happy about the new adoption and the continuous fighting is driving her crazy. Would I be interested in rescuing her puppy....

Maybe - if, like her, I did not have a lot of children underfoot. (She has 3 under 4rs) The relief I felt when I waved good bye to Duke - as much as I liked him and as cute and cuddly as he was... the relief was immense! This was not a good moment to ask me to take on another puppy. Seriously! Not even a crate trained UTD on her shots puppy! Nope, not right now. Uh uh - NOT happening. Really. I sent her some rescue links.

I'm just glad she did not attach a photo! I'm a sucker for cute faces... as you can all attest to.

(Will add a picture of Duke later, but his pics are on another computer.)


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