Friday, July 10, 2009

moving update

Last night I thought I was going to lose it and either I called Peggy or Peggy called me... and she asked if I would like her to pick up pizza for dinner. TOTALLY!

Today she passed by twice and the last time gave me the hug I badly needed. Earlier she dropped off clothes for Cecilia who is rapidly growing out of hers. She then took away laundry with her. 'Peggy you totally ROCK!' (I promise not to give away your email address as I am sure many of my readers are thinking 'I need a Peggy in my life!')

Somehow, between God's graces (thank you to all of you who are praying) and Peggy's cheerful smile as she looks at the towering mess and assures me that we are making progress, I am holding it together.

Sad to say - the piano is still safely tucked away .... in the OLD HOUSE! We simply did not have enough man power to try and move it and we absolutely don't want anyone getting hurt in the process. I tell you though - it was the but of many a joke throughout the day as we all pondered how to haul it over here. My washer and dryer are taking a well deserved vacation - also in the old house... and even once they are moved over here... they might still be in hiatus for a while as, GASP, there does not appear to be a washer and dryer hook up. This might be easily remedied and then again - it might not. Feel free to pray... please!

In addition to these important members of our household... there are all kinds of odds and ends still tucked away that must be dug out, boxed and brought... home. That has a nice ring to it. It is starting to feel like home.

And now I must toddle away to bed where I will say a few prayers, thanking God for the graces received, the friends He has brought our way, the lovely home He has provided and then I will ask for safety for all who are helping tomorrow as well as inspiration as how to move that dang pianer!


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Good Remedy said...

You are being too generous. I am glad to lend a hand (and a hug)! the kids are happy that I have temporarily forgotten our summer school plans!

And lets wait until you get your clothes back before we say anything about that!

Been praying about that piano.