Friday, July 10, 2009

About half way there

Today we make possibly the last push to our move... a number of people are coming today with trucks to help us move the larger items. We hope to move the washer, dryer fridge and GASP the P I A N O ! Please add your prayers to mine. The idea of moving the piano is frightening!

Pray for safety for all involved as we load, drive it 30 minutes to the new location and then unload it again. Anyone know a good piano tuner - I think we are going to need a tune up after this!

I think we will move Sam today, so please keep him in your prayers as well. Moving is very stressful to him! (Ha - who isn't stressed by a move, eh? Ask Cecilia about moving stress and she will tell you how its waking her up at 2 am and causing her to cry for half an hour before falling back to sleep in her parents' exhausted arms!)

As always - thank you in advance for your prayers. Look for pictures to come... eventually. I'm just a little disorganized right now.


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dorry said...

hope the move went safely and little stress!!

Let us know :-)