Thursday, July 09, 2009

When someone else has ...

...said it so well - why say it all over again. Take heed mamas and maybe papas too. When you don't get sufficent beauty rest - suffice to say it is not just one's beauty that suffers but your mood can get kinda ugly too. Thanks Jennie for the link to this post by Dawn.



Dawn Farias said...

I'm so glad you linked to me b/c I saw it in my sitemeter, followed over here, and found that quote in your sidebar from Bishop Fulton Sheen. I've been looking for that!

(who has been getting sleep)

mum2twelve said...

God is awesome - no? What an interesting way to help you find the quote you need. That quote was in a draft I had saved several YEARS ago and forgot about. Then I was looking for an old post to put up a "stroll down memory lane" post and voila there it was.... God does indeed work in mysterious was!
God Bless Dawn!