Sunday, July 12, 2009

Today we

...walked to Mass and were not late!

This afternoon we visited with new neighbors, walked to the library which was closed - but that was okay because today I learned what one of my favorite trees is called and got to know my neighbor just a little better. Old friends and fellow parishioners stopped by - all with a helping hand extended.

Some children went to a movie while another won a water fight deemed a "war" so proclaimed by the loser! (Sorry Peg!) Yet another family came to dinner bringing homemade lemonade with them.

Tonight we have little ones tucked in bed, while the adults and older children enjoy steaming hot mugs of tea and delicious thick slices of pound cake that the same neighbor brought over for us.

Never have we ever felt so welcome! Life is good and God is gracious....


1 comment:

dorry said...

How nice!!
Lots of help and visitors to share with!

Thank you for helping out my friend,Jesus!!