Monday, January 19, 2009

Prayer request

Please keep little Cecilia in your prayers. In addition to reflux accompanied by occasional projectile vomiting and a continuous eye infection due to a closed tear duct, she now has a yeast infection that she has so generously shared with me. Now nursing has become a painful exercise that is hourly dreaded.

We have a prescription called in for us but it is snowing... snow in the south is a serious problem as it is so rare that most drivers don't know how to drive in it - so one hazards out on the road only when extremely necessary even if you have over a decade of driving experience in the snow... as it is the other drivers who are lethal!

For some bizarre reason snow in the south typically equals power outages - even just a thin layer can cause this. Perhaps this can again be laid at the feet of inexperienced drivers - taking out power poles perhaps? At any rate, as well as clear roads in the morning, I am also praying that we do not lose the power. And most nights find me begging our Holy Mother to petition Jesus to help little Cecilia with her tummy aches. Sometimes I beg him directly and at other times, remembering the miracle at Canna I turn to her and ask her to plead for Cecilia's comfort. Truly there is no greater pain than watching a small child suffer, especially while helpless to help her. All I can do is hold her and murmer little prayers as she squirms and cries out in pain until after a half hour or so of prayer she is finally quieted and sleeps.

Well, speaking of Cecilia, she is now hungry so I best go take care of her. I will be so glad to start with our meds. I just hope we can get them tomorrow morning.



Joshua said...

Definitely get the medicine tomorrow. She is so little- I have heard really bad stories about yeast in one so small- don't wait on that. Can you try a BRAT diet for yourself and see if that helps her? Or can you take in the probiotics and see if that helps her? If you keep her upright is she more comfortable? I will look for an all natural herbal antispasmodic that you might be able to take that will help her. More later. Don't wait on those meds- snow or no snow, really.

Joshua said...

I looked for remedies- maybe teas you can drink that will help the baby- chamomile, fennel and ginger- a little more fennel than ginger and a lot of chamomile. These are the ingredients in gripe water which is often given straight to the baby. I am wondering in your case if the yeast and jaundice have not contributed to the reflux issue and if once the yeast is under control if it might not help with the reflux as well.

And if you avoid the following foods for a couple of weeks it also might help: caffeine, dairy, peanuts or soy, and consider avoiding gluten. That might also help jump start your figure recovery although I can promise you the best plan for that is #1) recover from the birth first and #2) walk for exercise with weight in a backpack or pushing a stroller for resistance. Work up to five miles a day four or five times a week, and you will be back in your skinny clothes before the weather turns warm-- if you can stand exercising in the cold!
I would get well first and get the baby well, then go for the fitness thing!

mum2twelve said...

Thank you Joshua for taking the time to look up these things. We are keeping her as upright as possible, sometimes sleeping with her on my chest. I am taking acidopholus (sp?) myself and taking catnip which is suppose to aid in digestion. I have used catnip successfully in another child with reflux as a newborn but found it made her too sleepy so this time I am trying to take it myself in hopes it helps her through my milk.
There are many foods I avoid such as onions tomatoes, as past experience has shown they can be culprits. I will pay attention to some of the others you mentioned. Chocolate has been a definite no no for me to eat for most of my little ones in the early months.
And you are right - I must look to regaining my strength and health before worrying too much about the weight loss. I am avoiding foods that I should avoid regardless such as soda, candy bars, excessive sweets. All of these contain huge amounts of sugar that will feed a yeast infection anyway!
Tomorrow we will head over to the drugstore as soon as they open. Hopefully they will have it filled - we have been having problems with this pharmacy and plan on changing...once I have time to call around and compare prices.
Thankfully my husband is a very skilled driver so I know we will be able to get there - we will just need to pray for protection for the non experienced drivers. But maybe God will bless us and there will be no accumulation!

Again - thanks Joshua for taking the time to look these things up and share them with us!

Good Remedy said...

Good Morning Christi,

You and Cecilia are in our prayers. Oh, I will definitely pray for healing for you both. Peace, Peg