Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A great Post

This post by Elizabeth Foss, titled "Keep Your Eyes on Your Own work" is an excellent read. As Elizabeth is a homeschooling mum, my first assumption was that this was about children and school work. I was half correct. It is about school work, but not the kids. It is written for we mums and the temptation we can succumb to of comparing the interior of our homeschool life with exterior of another family's life. Now Elizabeth focuses on the homeschooling aspect of life - but her advice is applicable to ALL areas of our lives.

When have we not looked at the well behaved family two pews in front and wished that was our crew? Yet we are not sitting in that pew and we have NO idea of what is really happening there. How about the mum whose blog just screams massively organized super mum and we wonder where we have gone wrong? There are numerous times I have been guilty of comparing the interior of my life with the exterior of someone else's life.

So what to do about it? Well - read Elizabeth's post and then apply her advice to ALL of our green moments. This does not mean we can not be inspired to do better and be better - but lets just not let envy of someone else's perceived perfection blind us to our own blessings.

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Redheadmamaof7boys said...


I tire of people saying that I have it all together, when I KNOW, in fact, that I am struggling every day.

But, I do the SAME thing to my other friends. Admiring their 'perfect' lives. I should be ashamed of myself, lol!

None of us are the perfect super-moms, all of us are struggling to be the best moms we can be. So, I think setting little goals and taking babysteps toward them (and praying for sanity!) is where we should be.

Sorry, I'll quit pontificating. This is supposed to be a COMMENT, right? I love your blog..

I am off to read Elizabeth's post!