Monday, January 19, 2009

Battle of the Bulge...

Is there anything more depressing than spending 4 plus hours shopping for something special to wear to your daughter's baptism only to come home empty handed and extremely sad over the weight you have gained despite healthy eating during the long weary past nine months?

Well, yes, there IS lots that is more depressing than that but, regardless, I think I have found the motivation to keep ahead of the temptation score. I just need to get a full length mirror and try several too small outfits that are in sizes I NEVER dreamed I would that ever fit in - let alone be TOO BIG to fit in. I need to do this daily! Then I will never ever feel tempted by a chocolate chip cookie or McCafe Mocha again.

Sonoma Diet here I come... again. Stay tuned because this is one battle I am VERY motivated to win. I want, some day (soon) to be able to once more walk into a store and not only be able to find styles of clothing that I like - but actually be able to fit into them. Luckily I came across the book for this diet over the holidays in the dollar store and bought it.

What I like about this "diet" is that it is not so much about being a diet as a change in eating habit with healthier choices, portion sizes and food combinations. I will go straight to stage two because as a nursing mum I do need some natural sugars such as you find in fruit. Stage one, I think is too restrictive for a nursing mother.

I think my fatal error while pregnant is that while I avoided a lot of desserts, treats and soda - I did not remain focused on whole grains and healthy food combos that work together to help your metabolism. Add that to the body's natural desire to put a little baby fat on for future nursing needs and you end up with more than a little cubbiness.


Jackie Parkes MJ said...

I can so relate!

Good Remedy said...

You are so funny. How old is Cecilia? Weight loss, now? How about sleep? Those pounds will fall off soon enough.

You have the right idea, eat healthy and try to get a little sleep. As for the clothes, well offer that up too. Not sure I have been able to to that though myself!