Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Too lazy...

So many great video clips - all found on Mommy life a blog by another mom of twelve. And since I am too lazy to look them up and post them separately on my blog - I will just give you the link to her site. Yup - sending you else where to liven up your day - just promise you will come back. Cause after all - I have birthday pics to pos... from another birthday celebration. After all with 14 in the family we have almost every month covered.

We have zero, to date, in January, three in Febrary the shortest month of the year but while we have three in February we only have ONE day that two fall on and the third only comes around once every four years. March brings another birthday as does April and May. We missed June entirely but we have two in July and now a grandchild in August to share our wedding anniversary month with. We managed two in Spetember, one in October and another solo in November and given December is bereft of holidays and special feast days - we had to squeeze two more birthdays in there as well.

Now, DON'T FORGET, after you visit Mommy Life - remember to come back here this week! Don't get lost in all of her great video clips.


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