Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pet Peeves

Anybody have a pet peeve? I don't have many, but one of the few that I do have is forwards. You know those impersonal emails that you have received about 12 repeats of. The bleeding heart missing child who is really an urban myth, cute puppy pictures and on and on and on.

I have only one favour to ask someone who is going to send me a forward that they at least have the courtesy to remove ALL ADDRESSES listed, as well as all of the headings from the repeated forwards that have been included. So many of them, in fact, that one must scroll down several inches before even coming to that all important forward that you just had to receive.

On occasion I do receive a legitimate forward that I think is worth sharing but before I hit send I, one, remove all headings and addresses and, two, include a short personal note as to why I think you, my intended victim, might want to see it. And, most importantly, I do NOT forward it to everyone in my contact list.

We often wonder why we get so much spam. Ever wonder how many strangers across the land now have your email address that you have worked to protect and only share with those you really want to hear from because someone thoughtlessly hit 'send to all' and forwarded a cute email to everyone in their address book? And then a few of them forwarded it to everyone in their address book without removing the addresses enclosed in the new header... Today alone I now have 100 new victims who have no idea who I am or what I might do with their email address and they too have mine... All but a handful of these 100 people are complete strangers that I have never met, will most likely never meet but they have my email address. All because someone thought it was important that I read this email but could not take a few seconds to remove the addresses from their forward.

And then we wonder why we have so much spam when we have been so careful with our email address - never realizing it was one of our friends who advertised it to the electronic world.

Yup, definitely one of my pet peeves. How about you?


Jennie C. said...

I go to snopes and link to the article debunking whatever forward I just got, then "reply to all", much to the embarrassment of the sender. I seldom get forwards. :-)

Kristen said...

I agree with the forwards, that is annoying and I do the same thing with deleting the email addresses and sometimes the huge blank spaces.

My biggest pet peeve though: punctuality. I make it a point to always be early or on time, even with two toddlers because I know time is valuable. It annoys me when I am late for something because of something beyond my control (a traffic accident, etc). And I think it is totally inconsiderate when someone tells me they are going to meet me at a certain time and they a) don't show up, b) are over a half hour late and didn't bother to call, or c) call and cancel after I have been waiting for at least a half hour. The people who are the worst with this, unfortunately, are family! I do realize things come up, but when you come across a serial offender, that gets my goat.

Dan and Janet Brungardt said...

I hate the ones where it says forward this to so many people withing such and such time and you will receive blah, blah, blah. Or the ones where it says if you don't forward it, something bad will happen to you. All of which promptly get deleted. Even the ones friends send, I guess they are called memes (or are they memes only if you post them on your blog?), yeah, they get deleted, too. It is a rare day when I forward anything, period! But if I ever do, I'll have to remember that about other people's emails. That is a good point.

mum2twelve said...

This is fun - hearing people's pet peeves and how they deal with forwards. Keep 'em coming! :-)

Diane said...

I am with you on the forwards and passing my e mail address along to every spammer online. I love a good MeMe, though it is sometimes days before I get time to fill it out.What gets me are the ones who challenge my Love for Jesus or my family,my dogs ,etc. by how many people I forward it to. Another group of forwards that get my blood pressure up are the ones like I just deleted two minutes ago. A well wishing friend sent me an article telling me to throw out my baby carrots because they contain chlorine. The article goes on to tell me that this is the same chlorine that is used in swimming pools and can be harmful. The truth is that these carrots test positive for minimal chlorine because they are washed in city water which is purified using small amounts of chlorine. It is all about common sense.
Common sense, or the lack of using it, is one of my biggest pet peaves.My other big one would be people who are just waiting to attack someone who has the slightest difference of opinion or way of doing things than they do.

Good Remedy said...

Hey, me too! I reply with when ever something is just way out there. Especially that one about the government removing "in God we trust" from the gold coin. Its on the side! Still there. Anyway, I choose to use bcc (blind carbon copy) if I am sending out a note too lots of people. That way I am not providing strangers with my friends addresses!
.ps missed seeing you all today, but hope you got shcool done. Peace, Peg

Kristen said...

I have to agree with using the snopes links and have actually had a relative get very upset when I did it to which my response was, that's why you should have checked it before you sent out a mass email! And if there is a lovely prayer or sentiment I would like to send but there is a toxic disclaimer about forwarding it and someone's love of God, I remove the offensive portion and send it.