Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Years

Here, to help usher in the New Year, are some pictures taken last week on Cecilia's first birthday. We postponed her first birthday cake until today and it is smelling delicious right now as it bakes in the oven. (Thank you Bethany!) However, we could not forgo the official first taste of chocolate on the actual day...

"Hello - don't you wish I had shared that dark chocolate pretzel stick with you? Please join me below in seeing how I rescued my sister from some very strange things that were on her face!"

"What are those silly things on your face?"

"Here let me relieve you of these silly things! "

"Here - take these someone..."

"Look forward to pictures of the actual face down of my first cake!
It should be...


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JB said...

What a sweet baby! I love the chocolate covered cheeks! I read your blog all the time, it's one of my favorites! I have a cousin with 12 children, I think big families are wonderful! I recently started my own blog and put a link to your site on mine, I hope that it is okay. My blog is (an Amish saying). Thank you and Happy New Year's!