Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Silent on the homefront...

I imagine by now you have all noticed how silent I have been. No doubt you have assumed that it is because I have, as Cratchit stammers to Scrooge "... been making quite merry" the past few days.

Oh, how I wish I could say that was the case.

However, not long after the last chocolate had been consumed from the little ones' stockings and the last gift had been opened and all scraps of wrapping paper and ribbon had been cleaned a number of the little people began to complain of tummy aches.

We tried in vain to explain it away by the number of chocolates and candy canes already consumed. When the first of them finally ah... upchucked... shall we say - we tried to explain it away as possible food poisoning from the traditional Christmas Eve oysters...

As those who had not consumed oysters in any quantity joined those with buckets on the couch we began to debate about the possibility of it having been the olives. Surely anyone who had consumed that many olives would be sick... Meanwhile, those not yet with stomach aches confined themselves in the dining room away from the inmates of the sick room living room. Anyone who dared to moan with a tummy pain was immediately banished to the, ah, living room.

Jenny and Anna optimistically cooked a large Christmas dinner with all the trimmings. However, by the time it was served the numbers joining in the feast had been drastically reduced even though we still used two table to accommodate everyone who did eat.

It was a fast moving epidemic flu but it still took a full three days to hit all in the house but the two babies. Praise God, He spared those two little ones as this flu was so virulent that I was worried it would possibly cause them to be hospitalized. The younger the victim - the longer the duration and severity of the symptoms.

We are finally recuperated and, at long last, I am getting some Christmas baking done during these 12 days of Christmas which is also the time period when little Cecilia Therese made her appearance last year. She is celebrating the anniversary of her birth by walking all over the place and pushing her (new) dolly's stroller with great joy and gusto. We will have the traditional first birthday cake complete with dark chocolate icing on the First of January as Gabriela is away this week visiting her sister in the Charlotte area. Gabriela is like Cecilia's second mum and we want her to see Cecilia enjoy her first piece of cake with icing...
(Typically I could say FIRST piece of cake EVER, but having been born during the Christmas season, that is filled with so many goodies, I am afraid Cecilia has already made her acquaintance both with cake and chocolate - even though the family thinks I am not aware of this! Even my best friend sighed a breath of relief that she no longer needs to share on the sly can openly share chocolate with Cecilia. )

And now I must join Bob Cratchit, and my family, by making merry these last days of the Christmas Season. If I can - I will post some pictures during our holidays. Until then:

God Bless and a peaceful, joy filled New Years to you and yours!

mum2twelve ~ now a bakers dozen



famr_4evr said...

Okay, I don't think I will complain again that all 9 of us are sick at once! I don't know how you do it. I've only read this post, but will be stopping by in my spare moments to read more incites you have. Thanks

Soutenus said...

Oh my! So glad you are feeling better.

Good Remedy said...


From one chocolate lover to another: Happy Happy Birthday! Can't wait to see you "strolling" around.
Mrs. Fisher

Casey said...

I'm glad it moved through fairly quickly though I have to admit, when you first mentioned feeling sick I was secretly hoping there'd be baby news :) But alas....a flu. Happy Happy Birthday to little Cecilia!!!! I remember getting IM's during your labor :) She's just precious and I'm sure each passing year will just add to her cute little personality.

Merry Christmas.