Thursday, September 17, 2009


NO INTERNET... but I have access for a little while today while I visit family for the day. AT&T has promised I will have Internet .... drum roll please....... tomorrow.

I will believe it when I see it!

Being without Internet has been oddly - refreshing. I don't like not having access to my email so that I can write to my daughter in Ireland anytime I want but otherwise - it has been fairly freeing. Now I am hoping that I can somehow develop a little inner restraint once we have the Internet back and possibly continue to enjoy that new found freedom. You know, no longer having that nagging feeling that I just need to check my email... and once you do - you decide to check someone's blog and then... before you know it you have just lost 40 minutes. Never to be returned to you....

The Internet - as wonderful as it is has an addictive quality about it - or is it that I have an addictive personality?

At any rate - living without Internet for about 14 days or more now - has been edifying - to say the least.

So if AT&T keeps it promise, I will be back tomorrow to report in as to how well I am doing fighting that nagging feeling that I just have to check that email address of mine... you know - just in case maybe I won the lottery or something!



Diane said...

Though I love my AT&T DSL, I am sharing your frustration. My husband is upgrading my parents from AOL dial up to AT&T DSL now that my Grandmother has moved out of state with my aunt and the computer is actually being used to keep in contact.
The modem was sent two weeks ago but someone decided to cancel the order which we found out last weekend when we installed the modem and attempted set up . Supposedly tomorrow is the magic day if we don't have any more snags. As frustrating as this may be for my parents,I can not imagine your inconvenience as you are used to using your computer daily. Prayers that AT&T gets it together are on their way !

dorry said...

HEY girl! We all really miss ya!!
I do know what your talking about!
And so right you are.

Well, AT&T KEEP your promise.

Hope all is well otherwise.