Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Forced Interlude between

Internet Provider exchange... we have left one provider and are waiting for our new modem to arrive. If all goes smoothly I will be back online by the 14th. Feel free to pray...

In the mean time we are back to school - easing slowly into a routine and I am currently researching material for a book idea. Have sold our first CD from our Parenting Kids Online program. Woo Hoo - thank you God to whom all Glory belongs!

Hopefully I will have time to get back to the library and maybe post a note or two - but if I go/remain dark... at least you will not be in the dark and will know why I am MIA

Until then... blessings to you all!

PS any comments left will be moderated as soon as I have access to the Internet so please if you leave a comment and it does not appear within a day or two - it is because I have not made it to the library!


1 comment:

dorry said...

Awww poor kiddo!! I'm praying that this problem with the net is fixed quickly!
Sure do miss ya ;-)