Friday, August 28, 2009

Sometimes life is really tough...

...esp when you are a young soldier in training with a wife at home expecting your first child. And you are only allowed to call home once a week and only have five minutes and your mother - not recognizing the phone number calling her cell phone ignores the call. Not once but twice in the same five minutes. The only precious five minutes you had that week to call. Yes, life can be really tough as a young soldier. (And somewhat guilt ridden for his not so bright mother!)

It is hard for his sweet wife too, especially when she learns that the only picture he had of her was ripped up in front of her young soldier's face - to teach him to pay attention and move faster. Hard for their mother to know of their pain and yet understands it is necessary as this soldier's life one day might very well depend on that lesson he just learned.

As mothers we think it is hard to watch our children learn to walk, falling and tumbling, bumping their heads but in truth it is often much more painful to watch them as adults as they stumble, fall and sometimes break their hearts. So I humbly ask for everyone's prayers. For Miguel as he learns what he needs to be a good soldier who can be depended on under fire and for Ashely as she learns at the same time how to be a first time mother and how to be a soldier's wife. And for me as I learn how to be soldier's mother and a support for Ashely.

Thank you!


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Casey said...

Being a military wife myself I know how painful missing that precious call can be, in my case it was a letter here or there but the same concept. I will be praying, and praying, and praying some more. It takes a certain kind of woman to be a military wife, it's a hard road to walk and a lot of times it's much similar to being a single mother. My best advice would be to get her a support system of other military wives with similar situations so that she has that connectedness. It helped keep me sane many times when Adam was out on a patrol and I knew I wouldn't hear a single peep from or about him for 3 months at a time at least. Praying....