Friday, August 28, 2009

Say what?

We finally have the school room unpacked AND organized & no one is available to go to Wendy's to celebrate with our TWENTY-ONE coupons for free frosties???
No one??



Beth said...

I'm there!!

Casey said...

Any suggestions for pre-preschool stuff you can pass my way? I'm trying to nail down plans for Allyson. :) Oh and bring on the frosties!!!!!

mum2twelve said...

I emailed Casey directly but in a nutshell - after 18 yrs of homeschooling we are currently using Mother of Divine Grace and loving it! For Math this year I am going to try MATH U SEE for my two youngest homeschoolers (4 &6) and Teaching Texts for my 9 yr old as well as for high school algebra for one of my teens.