Monday, May 25, 2009

Prolife Prayer Request

A prayer request I received this morning:

I have just received news from my mother in Germany about a wife and mother of 4 who became pregnant again with healthy twins. She wants to abort those twins. She has an appointment next week, which begins tomorrow.
My mother does not know this lady, and the woman who does, does not want to give out her contact information. Nobody is supposed to know that she is expecting babies and contemplating abortion.
My mother is trying to mobilize both practical help as well as prayers. Will you please storm heaven and our Holy Angels and saints to reach this mother's heart - who knows what she is going through right now.
Thank you and GOD bless,

PLEASE share this prayer request with as many people as you can!


Elizabeth said...

God Bless your mother and the woman protecting her but God loves her and her children. If we can give any help please let us know and I will send what I can.
God Bless all the unborn babies this day.

Anonymous said...

Heavenly Father, please intervene on behalf of these little souls, you created! You have a plan for these little ones, allow the mother of these babies to recognize the act she contemplates will not fix her situation. Bring her the assurance that YOU will care for her and her little ones. Bring her assurance that the decision to bring these babies into the world is the right decision and the ending of their lives is the wrong one! God help her and God, please protect these babies! Send your angels to surround and protect them from the murderous act of abortion! We pray in the name of Your Son, Jesus! AMEN!

Suzanne said...


dorry said...

I'm praying for this mother and her babies, thanks for letting us know.

Mary said...

I will pray so hard. Oh, Lord, have mercy on us.
Mother Mary, pray for us.
St. Gianna, St. Gerard, St. Anne.....please please pray for us!!!!!!!
God bless, Mary @ Cheerios