Monday, May 04, 2009

Photos to substantiate Sundays Post



Casey said...

Nothing like a sweaty husband leaning over your van engine to cause a panic. I'm guessing you got it fixed because earlier you mentioned 2 puppies in the house, if not...good luck. Our van died in February and we had to replace it, so if you know anyone that needs a minivan with a busted engine let us know, if they can tow it, they can take it.

mum2twelve said...

The huge stain on his back is radiator fluid and dirt! Yuck! I could not stand something like that all over me! ;-)
Yes he fixed it and I was so chuffed all weekend over what he accomplished!
Thanks for your help this afternoon!

Casey said...

well congrats to him then, my husband is not mechanically inclined at all. Take apart our dryer and fix it, yes but cars...nope

Diane said...

So glad to see that I don't have the only husband who brings me clothes soaked with a combo of car fluids and dirt ! Hubby and I have had several discussions (lovingly of course)on whether I should wash such clothing so that he can rewear them next time he has car work to do or whether I should just toss them in the garbage. What do you do ? Though I am very grateful for the money saved by a husband who does our car work, ruining my washer is just not worth the cost of new work clothes, especially when his" work on the car" clothes are clothes that are worn out ( many have holes) anyway .

mum2twelve said...

As he is wearing the oldest of his Good Will wardrobe - we TOTALLY throw them out! Add 7 dollars to the cost of the repair. So not worth ruining my brand new washer! I barely even let him in the door when he has changed transmission oil! Pheww - STINKY stuff!