Sunday, May 03, 2009

Pandemic Crisis

This is what happens when you promise someone that only a pandemic crisis will prevent you from attending a function she has arranged, and that you really want to go to. Although I am not sure a broken water pump on one's van qualifies as a crisis, but it sure does "dry" up any possibilities of a long drive until it is repaired.

So Saturday found Hugo surrounded by tools, oil, grease, radiator and the a/c, along with other bits and pieces of internal engine organs vital to our van's health. It only took about 3 hours to get to the offending pump and would have taken less time to put it all back had a 1$ part not broken. As our only working vehicle was sitting in pieces all over the front lawn... he had to walk to the closest auto parts store to get the replacement.

The plan at the time I am writing this post is to get it all back together in time to attend Mass tomorrow so we can go to Charlotte and pick up TWO more puppies. One is being adopted by another family in our parish and we have a potential home lined up for the other. The family from our parish is coming with us and we will have a Picnic lunch up there. It should be fun.

Assuming Hugo can remember where all of those hoses, tubes and screws go, that is. I'll let you all know!



Casey said...

Ugh how I loath car troubles, hope it all gets back together in time. Be sure to post puppy pics when you get them.

Amanda said...

That is crazy, Our car is broken and the last we heard from the rather shady mechanic was that he was putting a new water pump in!!!

mum2twelve said...

Just fly Daddy over and he will put it in! LOL

Hope it goes well!

Love you!