Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Puppy report

...midway through her shift Sargent in Charge of Puppy Boot Camp from 8 am to 9 am paused by my desk to make a progress report:

"Puppy report!" she said. "I am happy to announce that nine times out of ten puppy now goes in den when told to." She then went on to the dining table, happily able to enjoy breakfast while puppy quietly waited in his den for her.

Progress indeed - last week this type of action resulted in unhappy wales, whimpers and down right howling - making meals an ordeal for us all!



Diane said...

Wow, I'm impressed ! My dogs never went for being "put out" of the dining room at meal times thing. We solved this by making our meal time theirs too. As we all set down ours are put into "sit" their bowls are set in front of them but they know not to dig in yet. They sit there quietly as grace is said listening for the Amen. When they hear Amen they know it is Ok to dig in. They usually finish before us but since they have been fed, they will lay down until we are done. Of course, if a young child or ummm I drop something, they are more than glad to clean it up for me before laying back down. To make sure that they stay trained, company is asked not to feed them at the table. Of course if we have a baby here, the dogs always lay under the high chair, go figure.

mum2twelve said...

YOU are impressed? I am so impressed that your lovely little dogs sit through GRACE! Awesome!