Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Virus update...

Hello everyone! I can not decide whether Cecilia is fighting a cold, as I know I am... You see when she nurses - it is not unusual for her to snort milk up her nose and then she has difficulties with a build up of mucus. Noah, now 13, had a similar problem as a new born. It is hard not to feel anxious when things are not just quite normal with your wee baby - isn't it?

Our eldest daughter is here from Ireland and, sadly, with so many of the adult children working and/or in school we have not been able to organize a night when all 13 children can be home so that we can take a family picture of them all. However I do have some lovely pictures from a trip to the park with ten of them together. I will post some later and possibly a video of them all on the swings - well Cecilia is not on the swing, but if you peer really closely you can see her stroller in the back ground!

I might be a bit of a tease - and just post a few pics a day to give myself a little breathing space and still be able to entertain you all a little bit each day or at least every other day! Still planning on getting the shower pics up - there are some really great pictures from that day.

I have to say - that I feel that my blog has become really humdrum and not too inspiring. I apologize if that is the case. There is is much going on and I am s l o w l y preparing to begin teaching ESL classes three nights a week. I have fallen into the trap of judging my blog with others and thinking - oh they are so clever, so sweet, so funny, so thoughtful... and I am just ... boring! I so do not want to be boring! I want to be inspiring and helpful and don't feel I am quite cutting that grade right now! It feels as though my brain is too tired to be witty, funny, entertaining and most especially - inspiring! Many funny cute things happen almost daily here that I could post to give folks a little laugh but by the time I find a moment to blog - I have fogotten them all. I need to start carrying around a tape recorder! Oh well - the pictures will have to do for now.

Blessings to you all!



Jennie C. said...

The kids just had a nasty-but-short-lived cold that I am hoping skips right over me and Thomas...or least Thomas. They have great timing, as always. :-)

As for the blogging, if you really read other blogs, none of us is really writing about anything profound most of the time. :-) Mostly, we're just loving each other, and we can do that even when we're sick.

Feel better soon, and I'm hoping you two get a break. It should be a crime against nature for babies to get sick.

Kathyb1960 said...

Oh don't worry! Your blog is GREAT! If anyone has a boring blog, it's MINE! I just don't ever have much to say!

Sam said...

a blog is for you...we just get to be part of the fun...it is nice to be able to journal for you and for the kids to see all the fun and sacrafices in the future!!! Keep up the great work!!!