Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A little Snow...

Yesterday afternoon we were at a local park, hiking around the lake, playing a little soccer and swinging on the swings.

By late evening... this is what our yard looked like.


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Diane said...

And I was thinking of a weekend trip to NC to get away from the Ohio snow ! Oh well I hear that a thaw is coming in a few days here.

Glad to hear that Aimee arrived safely and that you all are enjoying the reunion.

I can defiantly understand about not being able to get everyone together for a picture. Last year my brothers and I ( just three of us) decided to get Mom a professional family picture package for Christmas. It was amazing how hard it was to try to get a day when the thirteen in our families could all be off work and school. Thankfully we did finally work it out but I have to admit that Photo shop sounded like quite an option :-)