Friday, November 14, 2008

Scribbit's Apple Turnovers!

I have been hankering to try this recipe ever since I saw it over on Scribbits Blog, a blog I read every day now! However, I am going to try it with cherry pie filling and no cardamon spice! I'll let you know how it goes - especially since I can not stand for more than about 3 minutes at a time without having to sit!

Foolishly or bravely I am not sure - but I am going to engage my two littlest ones as my helpers. I think as long as I let them have the occasional stir and lick, they will happily gopher their way through the three recipes I hope to make this afternoon.

I have very little energy and figure I might as well sit and stir some yummy baking as just sit and just go stir crazy!


No turn overs! I discovered we are almost out of milk and do not have any where near enough butter. Not sure which I am more - disappointed or relieved? I have been hankering over these turnovers since I first read the recipe on Scribbit's site but the recipe is designed for a bread machine - of which I have two. But... neither of them have turned out decent loaf of bread in forever and so they are packed away... somewhere....

So I have re-written the recipe as I think it might work sans the machine and for the type of yeast I use which needs to be allowed to rise separately in liquid.

Now if sometime before the baby is born and I:
1) come across one of my bread machines
2) have sufficient energy to try a recipe that requires my standing at the stove stirring milk - I will try the recipe. Until then - I must simply be satisfied with pining over them.

In the meantime I have four loaves of pumpkin bread baking and the ingredients to the pineapple bread sitting on the counter - waiting for my second wind. In my pregnant dazed state - I mistakenly used a HUGE can of pumkin instead of a smaller one and had to do a double recipe. But no worries - my gang can polish off four loaves as quickly as they can two!


Scribbit said...

Well now you've got me on pins and needles--and hungry for sweet bread.

Beth said...

we made pumpkin bread today too!!