Friday, November 14, 2008

Double Birthday

We discovered sometime earlier this month that one of our parish priests has the same birthday as my husband. So we had a double birthday this month! Here are some pictures of the cakes we enjoyed earlier in the month and also one of Hugo with Lydia at the birthday dinner John and Jenny had at their home for just Hugo and I, Jonathan and his lovely new girlfriend.

Hugo with adorable, squeezable Lydia snoozing on his shoulder. This is referred to as the "tough job" in our household and I noticed that Jenny has carried the term over into her family! Everybody wants a crack at the "tough job'!

Hugo's cake.

Father's cake!

The children and I bought Hugo a radio controlled dragonfly for his birthday and he and they have really been enjoying it on the weekends in the parking lot next to us.

We had a birthday last month that brought a really neat gift from one of my readers, but I have "misplaced" the pictures on one of my many computers.... So as soon as I find them I will create a pictorial post of the special occasion!

PS - if you have not yet submitted a comment to November's give away contest below, be sure to do so. Don't miss a chance to win a copy of this book of Sunday's Gospel readings Hear My Voice, A Children’s Translation of Gospel Readings of the Catholic Mass for 2009 - and just in time for Advent!

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dorry said...

Most adorable Grand-pa with grand-daughter picture !
Those cakes look soooo good!very cool candles too.

Hope it was great.