Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A birthday with a special gift.

Do any of you remember the disastrous results of my attempt to hide the container of hot chocolate that I had purchased in honour of Benjamin's 12th birthday that was coming up in the following months? We had purchased it at Tim Horton's, our favourite coffee shop when traveling up north on business as Benjamin is always asking if we can bring a tin home when we are up there.

I was quite sad that I was not going to have a container of this to surprise him with for his birthday when a reader suddenly wrote to me and asked if I was open to her mailing me a container of this special hot chocolate. It seems she, her husband and boys had been in Ohio for a quick trip and decided to check out Tim Hortons as I have mentioned our love for Tim Horton's coffee frequently on my blog. While there her husband, remembering my plight, suggested they pick up a tin of the much desired chocolate. She even thoughtfully offered to mail it to a local church if I felt more comfortable with that arrangement.

Speculation began in earnest when the mysterious package arrived and I explained it was a gift from a reader for one of the up coming children's birthdays. As a birthday came and went without the mysterious gift being presented the process of elimination continued with great mirth.

Finally it was October - Benjamin's special month. After he opened the gift and was astonished to see the cherished container of Hot Chocolate along with a cool bag of marshmellows shaped as baseballs, footballs etc Noah, his older brother by a year and a bit, got busy and made him a birthday breakfast which consisted of the following:

using my Tim Horton's mug, of course. What else would you serve it in!

Thank you D. and your lovely husband for your incredible thoughtfulness.

(Photo credit Noah using my cellphone)


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