Monday, November 17, 2008

32 weeks and still growing

This little baby in the ultra sound is at 32 weeks gestation which is just about where our little baby is. So amazing! She weighs about 4 lbs now and is about 16 inches long. Pretty much a small doll right now. Christmas is just ahead of us and I am so grateful to have this time of Advent to help me have something else to focus on besides the aches and pains that accompany this last trimester as God puts the final touches on His masterpiece that Hugo and I are so blessed to have a hand in bringing to life.

I am praying that all will go well. I have many fears as I face labour for the first time in over six years. Elsa was a planned c-section that became an emergency c-section. I am having to really focus on my diet as I had a scare with pre-eclampsia symptoms last week when I got careless and slacked off on my protein and water intake. So now I am having to really pay attention and make sure I keep to a minimum of 70 gms of protein daily and a least 4 twenty oz bottles of water. I have found it easy to keep on top of the protein - much easier than I thought it would be. However the water, oh - now there is a challenge. However, when I stay on top of these two requirements my blood pressure stays down as does the swelling and I don't have the strong contractions I was having.

But keep me on your prayers please as the Advent season approaches with all of its pleasures and stresses! Please especially pray for peace of mind as I struggle to just completely leave the next two months in the hands of our Lord!

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Kristen said...

Best of luck especially with the water intake! I have always struggled with that, even when not pregnant. With my first pregnancy, a middle of the summer baby, my doctor told me I could help fulfil my water needs with those sugar-free (sweetened with Splenda) water flavors. That helped quite a bit once I found some that weren't loaded with sodium! I hope that baby has turned!

Beth said...

You're in our prayers! I know the Bradley book says to eat 100 grams of protein/day. I found that pretty much impossible!! Water is hard too. You can do labor! Then you can give me some tips :)

I remember you gave me some good hints before M was born. I'll have to go find that comment. I do remember you said you say hail marys during contractions, and sit in a certain position..

Soutenus said...

Blessings, prayers and more prayers for you . . . .


Peggy (soutenus)