Friday, October 31, 2008

Jesse Tree posts....

I am currently preparing a series of posts for each day of Advent which will have the Jesse Tree reading for the day and an explanation of what the symbol is for that day.

In preparing this, I looked at the various Jesse Tree websites I had chosen for for my Advent Links page and was surprised to realize that more than one was Protestant based. Obviously there will be a some different interpretations of readings and choice of symbols. For instance we sometimes think of Mary as an Ark as she carried the Word of God Incarnate within... This is not a viewpoint that all Protestant religions would necessarily take.

Hence I have revised my favorite link and replaced it with the Domestic Church, a Catholic website. This is the site that I will be using as my guide for the Jesse Tree. I have left the Protestant sites as they have interesting symbols and more of them have nice clear ones for children to cut out and colour. I am using one of these sites to create symbols for our Advent Calendar chain.

I am really looking forward to Advent and the younger children and I have begun to colour our symbols already for this chain so that on the first Sunday of Advent we can simply assemble the chain - and this alone will take some time. It will be a wonderful start to our Advent, I think.

I am also putting together a little contest for a Christmas gift giveaway. Stay tuned for details. I am hoping for this to become a regular event, first as a monthly thing and then hopefully more frequently - if it becomes as popular as I hope it will.


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