Friday, October 31, 2008

It's 5:27 AM

I have to get up in 33 minutes - at 6 am.... but it is 5:27 and I am up. I have been awake since 4:30, up since just before five because my tummy was growling and last week I tried unsuccessfully to go back to sleep when that happened at the same time of morning.

So I figured I would get up and get dressed and throw together a pineapple bread recipe. No go - too tired. Ate a slice of bread and decided to mess around on the computer while I waited for the 25 minute swash cycle to finish.

So now I am about 5 minutes away from the wash finishing, hungry again and very, very tired and trying to decide if the heartburn is worth another slice of (homemade) bread and butter - or if I should just go back to bed (still dressed, I am not struggling out of these maternity pants and then back into them again in a 30 minute period!) and toss and turn until 6 - about 30 minutes from now....

What would you do?


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Diane said...

Two words.... Power Nap !
I usually get to bed at about eleven at night and then up at three to get my husband up , make his coffee & Breakfast , pack his lunch ,and send him off to work. He leaves usually twenty five minutes before time for my daughter to get up. (Since she is eighteen she could get herself up and ready but I do her hair as the nursing school that she attends is very adamant about the no hair on the collar thing which can be difficult for someone who ,though she has cut her long thick hair to shoulder length,it still takes many hair pins , gel and cans of spray to keep it up.)Then it is time to get my sons' up , fed and ready for their busses. It is amazing how much rest I get in the twenty minutes between hubby leaving and daughter being called to get up. Even if I don't sleep I do rest. There is also a forty minute wait between my sons' busses so once the older one leaves, I set the kitchen timer and close my eyes as the youngest plays a Game boy or computer game ( eye hand coordination exercise) Sometimes I doze off, sometimes just rest, either way it helps.
So I would crawl back into bed clothes and all and rest while you can !