Monday, May 05, 2008

Some of our Favourite Authors...

Myself, I am rereading one of Dorothy L Sayers mysteries. I love Lord Peter Whimsey and I think I have read all of the mysteries that he has solved, some with the assistance of Harriet Vane and others with the assistance of Charles Parker but all of them with the assistance of his loyal Manservant - Bunter. I believe my favourites are Gaudy Night and the Busman's Honeymoon. I will divulge nothing of the details as after all these are mysteries!

The children also seem to have as affection for English authors: one of them being Brian Jacques author of the Redwall series. But my children's interests are diverse and a few of them have strayed into the path of Madeline L'Engle with Anna having been the first to discover her. The first title that she consumed was a Wrinkle in Time.

Almost everyone has heard of C.S. Lewis's Narnia Series, but did you know he also wrote some science fiction? On Anna's 2007 Christmas wish list was Out of the Silent Planet, the first of his space trilogy.

And obviously we count among our classics Little Women, Little Men, Eight cousins and, of course, all of Jane Austin's many novels. I was working my way through Emma again until our well worn copy disappeared - probably into someone else's pile of "must re-read books"! We even have a copy of the six hour video series of Pride and Prejudice. I am barely scratching the surface of our varied reading adventures, so stay tuned as part of my experiment is the hope of reviving my blog Catholic, Classic and Current Books and Movies. Expect to see some regular posting there soon. Now, after posting some pictures of some of these great titles, I am off to NETFLIX to enjoy some Instant Viewing and watch the fourth Episode of Have His Carcase.


Amanda said...

'scuse me, but I was the first L'Engle fan. Pfft!

mum2twelve said...

Ummm, errr, ummm - ooops! Shall we say Anna was the first of our second family to discover her? What year did you find her in, anyway? You never told ME about her?

Cath said...

Dorothy Sayers is great. Have you read any Margery Allingham?

I found Madeleine L'Engle while I was in school and read A Wrinkle in Time and A Wind in the Door at that time. Later on I read Many Waters and A Swiftly Tilting Planet. Last week I bought An Acceptable Time and started reading it last night. As much as I had needed Meg Murry when I was younger, I had not wanted to see her grow up, but I enjoyed reading this exchange between Polly and her grandmother:
. . ."Grand, why did Mother have so many kids?"
"Would you want any of you not to have been born?"
"No, but--"
"But it doesn't answer your question. . . If a woman is free to choose a career, she's also free to choose the care of a family as her primary vocation."

An interesting concept for 1989, when An Acceptable Time was published. Now I have to make time to read the rest of the book!