Tuesday, November 28, 2006


...another review is up and running! It is taking a little longer to write my reviews than I had anticipated. I think over time I will get a little more stream lined and hopefully the kids will be able to help with the research soon. I am trying to really provide lots of information, not just about the movies but interesting facts about the actors, director or producers.

And of course, the diaper changes, hot chocolate breaks as well as school lessons have a way of interfering with one's concentration!

Hope you enjoy this newest review !

A word to the wise, last year we had a lovely line of Christmas movies set up in Netflix, but come Christmas time none of the ones on our Netflix list were available any more. I can not think of any other options to suggest other than getting some early and watching them to see if they are something you wish to have in your own private library. Our mix of movies as well as our reviews are going to include some that are not Christmas themed so as to help a little with this problem.

Look for reviews to come for:

Eloise at Christmas Time, as well as the Twelve Dogs of Christmas and a book review to boot! They just might not be posted as quickly as I originally anticipated.

If you have heard of a movie or book that you are unsure of and want to know if we have read it or if it is on our list of future reviews - drop us a note through email mum2twelve ( at) gmail.com or through the comments. You can leave a comment on this blog, or on our review blog.

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