Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thank you Senator Kerry...

While eating fries at MacDonalds...

Me: "Some MacDonalds have really nice salty fries, like this place."

Miguel: "Yeah."

Me: "You would think that they would be more consistant and be salty in all of their locations."

Miguel: "Well, it is not like the managers can stand around watching each cook as they salt the fries."

Me: "I know, but you would think there would be a standard they would all follow though, and teach the employees that you complete so many shakes of salt over the fries."

Miguel: "Yeah, but it's not like MAcDonalds is known for their salty fries..."

Me: "Well, they were when I was kid, they always advertised their salty fries."

Miguel: "Well, that was a really loooong time ago."

Me: Jaw drops!

Miguel: Face reddens. "Ah I mean..." laughs awkwardly then says "Hey, I just botched a joke, I was really just trying to make fun of Bush."

At which point I blinked for a second, and then collapsed in a fit of laughter almost falling off my stool.

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Lorcan said...

Joyous thanksgiving to thee and thine!

Peace and hope,