Sunday, November 26, 2006

Prayer request...

This prayer request was posted on a yahoo group that I subscribe to. One can never have too many prayers so I have decided to post it here minus the last names.

A fellow homeschool mom's (Clara E.) baby
(Garrett) was sent to Houston for testing. He stopped
eating and is only nursing as well as having
difficulty going to the bathroom or not going at all.

Last week he was brought to OLOL because for several
nights he was screaming and in pain--this had been
going on for some time. He did have some kind of GI
virus and was dehydrated. The doctor admitted him
for dehydration and the insurance wouldn't pay for any
tests for the other problems. So, they gave him a
feeding tube and sent him home.

Doctor friends from their church suggested their
daughter in Houston who is a pediatrician. At Texas
Children's Hospital, they were very careful about what
they admitted him for. Now they can run the needed
tests to rule out things and make a hopefully make a

Garrett is comfortable as long as he does not take
solids--this has stumped the doctors. The doctors
are supposed to come together with the results they
have so far and try to figure this out---there is a
team of doctors on this case.

Please keep the family in your prayers. It has been
really heavy on my heart and I just want to uplift
them and the doctors with as many prayers as possible.

Thank you in advance for your prayers! Those of us who are parents know there is nothing worse than watching your child suffer.


Laura H. said...

Some of this reminds me of my brother and his struggles with his health from the day he was born. He, too, had a feeding tube and was sent far from home for testing in a big hospital. I know how rough that can be on a family. Many prayers...

Michelle said...

Have they tested for Celiacs Disease? I'll pray for little Garrett.