Thursday, November 30, 2006

Old Tech VS New Tech

My six year old computer geek who can locate and sign into Rush Limbaugh and select whether he wishes to watch the video, or listen to the show, has spent the past hour exploring a small manual type writer. It was not even electric.

The look of delight on his face, as his tongue stuck out to the left while he concentrated was immeasurable. He practiced changing the ribbon from red to blue. He learned how to make capitals. He struggled not to hit the keys too quickly and so cause them to catch togethere.

He grinned when he sat back to survey the results of his hard work. Lots and lots of even black and red letters all in a row. He accidently knocked the ribbon out of alignment and delicatly worked with it, trying to get it back in place. He took breaks to watch the large trucks, and the men who are operating them, as they dismantle huge pieces of machinary and then carefully washed his hands before coming back to the challenges this 'new' piece of equipment posed to him.

So today old technology was new for a while, at least to one little boy.

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