Thursday, October 12, 2006

Oh no!

Mum2twelve has more competition for the key board. Velcro baby, my nickname for nursing babies, has been introduced to BoohBah! So no longer is she content to sit on my lap and chuckle as she hits buttons causing whole paragraphs to dissapear. No, now she climbs up on my lap, fights for the mouse and screams BOOHBAH mummy! Boohbah! Until someone, usually me, gives in.

Then we listen to 'air blowing' sounds, whistle noises and, I have to admit, to some fun music while these amazing blobs that only a baby could find fascinating, dance around on the screen. There are games to play and it all entertains young minds for a looong time. Much longer than it entertain, uh, mature minds.

Not having cable I can not vouch for the tv programme, assuming there is one. At any rate, boohbah is the 2006 answer to Tellie Tubbies!

Now my question is - are the adults that come up with these shows genius or simply infantile?

At any rate - if you notice a little less posting from mum2twelve - you can assume Boohbah is the culprit and that Elsa, and her little buds, are dancing on my lap erasing words faster than I can type.

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khadijateri said...

Boobah! My kids love it! Thanks for posting the link.